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March 7, 2024

Celebrating International Women’s Day

We would like to showcase just some of the remarkable people whose contributions have sent rippling waves of positive change and inspired many others. From dedicated volunteers to passionate artists, from committed activists to innovative leaders, each person featured in this list embodies the spirit of empowerment, resilience, and solidarity that defines this global celebration of women’s achievements.

Nasma and Alice volunteered at our reception just before we closed back in October 2023.
Nasma has volunteered and organised programming at Moseley Road Baths; she is truly a gem, and we feel fortunate to have her. Alice could only be described as ‘excellent’ with a creative and educational background.
Alice brought her experience and skills to us, supporting many sessions at Balsall Heath Living Room in our Gala pool last summer.

Dani Marshall Creative Producer
One part of the Creative Producer duo who brought us excellent programming for Balsall Heath’s Living Room. Danielle is a Creative Producer with extensive participation and engagement experience. Read more here 

Sophie Curtis, Trustee at Moseley Road Baths
Recently joined the board of MRB, Sophie has worked at theatres across the UK for the last 20 years and is currently the Senior Producer at Shakespeare’s Globe. Sophie is passionate about the impact of special buildings on communities and how art and culture could contribute to wellbeing. Read more here

Saltana Amal Creative
We can’t explain how much love we have for Sultana. She had been coming to MRB for one of our other weekly sessions for years, and we were delighted to host her and Amal Creative at Exchange festivals last year, where they ran a creative workshop at the festival. Read more here

Paniz Azani volunteered as a lifeguard at Moseley Road Baths.
Paniz, a 29-year-old originally from Iran, relocated to the UK in 2020. Whilst managing Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Paniz qualified as a lifeguard, drawing inspiration from her affinity for swimming and water-related activities due to her condition. Read  the full blog post here 

Winnie MRB Volunteer
One of a kind, volunteering at Moseley Road Baths. We gained an incredibly radiant personality in Winnie.

“SHE SWIMS” a brand-new dance film that launches on International Women’s Day 2024!
Witnessing 50 women from the community of Birmingham swell and swarm in a drained Grade II* Edwardian swimming pool originally made for ‘first-class men’ in 1907 was a remarkable experience. Shelley and her extraordinary team of artists spent delicate time with the community to research and explore the restrictions that still existed living as a woman in the 21st century. The aim was to acknowledge these restrictions and resist them with artistic responses rooted in movement, using art as a political platform to empower – not just the 50 women that belonged in a space that was once not made for them, but the audiences too, that would witness and engage in this positive, political work. Find out more here

Rachel Baker
Our Young Curator interviewer, Bathcast compère, and comedian extraordinaire, resides in Cotteridge and works in the arts as an assistant producer. She first tried comedy while studying at the University of Birmingham. Read more here

Jannette MRB Volunteer
Volunteered for us for some time now and had been brilliant. We simply couldn’t function without her.

Maryan Exchange Festival Volunteer
Volunteered at Exchange festival, and it was a pleasure to have her on our team during the festival.

Jaki and Niki MRB Volunteers
Big up J&N- volunteering in both the Moseley Road Baths and The Old Print Works for us – where would we be without you!

Brenda MRB Volunteer
Brenda has supported us right to the end. Thank you so much!

Kate Rafiq, author of Birmingham Boy
Birmingham Boy featured at Exchange Festival, the story followed a South Asian boy as he went about his day living in Birmingham. Kate writes, illustrates, and runs her own publishing company, Dune Books. Read more here

Lily Matthews
Volunteered as a videographer at Exchange festival and currently studying Film at Birmingham City University.

Haseebah Ali, a local artist and printmaker
Created a beautiful interactive installation adorned with paintings and decorations that featured typical South Asian wedding motifs. ‘Sehra’ was inspired by some of the weddings that used to take place at the Moseley School of Art during the 90s and 00s. Read more here

Manon Evans
Our reception and administration whizz, lifeguard, and duty manager. Originally from Wales, Manon studied in Birmingham before deciding to remain in this city and call it home. We were thrilled to have her as part of the MRB team.

Beth Steventon-Crinks
Beth created two textural pop-up Queer spaces in the Living Room to explore the Moseley Shoals’ histories, as well as how LGBTQ+ people had gathered and adapted. LGBTQ+ stories are often undocumented, with our stories hiding in under-bed photo-books, untold stories, and pressures to exist within spaces that sometimes weren’t built for us. “Don’t You Want Days Like These?” followed an earlier version of this project called “Queer Living: Wanna Get in My Drawers?” (Flatpack Festival, 2023). It was an immersive look at Queer living, chosen family, and the stories that could be found on a bedside table. Read more here

Hamara Ghar / Amar Ghor: Weaving Workshop by Nilupa Yasmin, chewing the fat here with Aaisha Akhtar and Ayan Aden 
Celebrated the opening of Balsall Heath’s Living Room. It featured a performance by Ayan Aden followed up by a weaving workshop facilitated by Nilupa Yasmin. Read more here

Nicola Gilmore – Young Curator for Moseley Road Baths
Nicole along with 5 other YC’s, over the course of the six-month program, chose an audience, conceptualized an idea, engaged with the MRB space and its community, explored the digital, commissioned artists, and ultimately curated a final product – Bathcast Podcast! Read more here

Abbey, MRB on tour Volunteer
Our newest volunteer, and she had been helping us with our weekly programs over the road at The Old Print Works. She was totally invaluable to us!

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