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Saving of Moseley Road Baths Podcast and Resources

May 30, 2024

🎙️ The Behind the Scenes Podcast of “The Saving of Moseley Road Baths” is Now Live! 🌊

Dive into the story of how the beloved Moseley Road Baths were saved, the performance, and the production process! Join Janice Connolly and Adaya Henry on Spotify or Women & Theatre’s podcast platforms to with excerpts, insights, and an abundance of playfulness.

✨ Performed by a community cast, this fun, imaginative, and engaging piece of theatre explored how a group of determined people united to rescue this civic space. As the Baths undergo their transformation, discover the inspiring journey of preservation and spirit of positive disruption.

To check it out please go to Moseley Road Baths’ Spotify, or to Women and Theatre’s podcast platforms.

After the show there was a discussion, led by Janice Connolly, which bought up themes about the power of collective organising and positive disruption to ensure the future of buildings, services, and places. This is the story of how Moseley Road Baths remains, and the foundation of the CIO. People raised how writing letters, craftivism, fundraisers, building partnerships, and consistent efforts in campaigning for over a decade meant Moseley Road Baths still stands proud today.
Right now in Birmingham a lot of places are under threat and below are a number of resources which were suggested by audiences members during these post show discussions. 
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