The Young Curators

Six fantastic early-career creatives took part in a paid development programme and brought a fresh perspective to the heritage of Moseley Road Bath’s with a brand new digital experience

What was the MRB Young Curators project?

Moseley Road Baths worked with six fantastic early-career creatives to make an exciting new digital creation inspired by Moseley Road Baths.

Over the course of the six month programme, our Young Curators chose an audience, conceptualised an idea, engaged with the space and its community, explored the digital, commissioned artists, and ultimately, curated a final product. 

What was the aim?

  • To work with young people to author and create something exciting and innovative in connection with The Baths
  • To aid the development of young people in the heritage and culture sector equipping them with the tools to pursue connected careers 
  • To use digital technologies to tell the stories of Moseley Road Baths and Balsall Heath 

Meet the Young Curators

Meet the producer

To collaborate with the YC team, Moseley Road Baths bought on board Gaby Songui, a creative producer, who worked alongside them and enabled their ideas to come to fruition.

A versatile Birmingham-based freelance arts facilitator, writer, producer, and storyteller, brings a dynamic career to the table, spanning diverse projects such as youth voice initiatives, circus workshops, and writing commissions. Their commitment to quality, and exploration of identity, race, and heritage mark their multidisciplinary storytelling style.


Our young curators designed and developed an innovative new podcast called ‘Bathcasts’ where someone connected to the historic baths gets interviewed within one of its bathtubs.

We kicked off with a fabulous launch night at The Gap, Balsall Heath on the 18th November.

Our comedic host, Rachel Baker, has interviewed six people about their lives, the community building, and the temperature of the bath water they are sat in. Alongside these interviews we have commissioned original poetry and music for each episode from 10 Birmingham artists.

This bold and brilliantly innovative podcast encourages you to listen to it in the bath at home, immersing yourself in water at the same time as our interviewees.

This is a short documentary about the making of Bathcasts, a podcast curated by the Young Curators at Moseley Road Baths. 

Bathcasts – a podcast made in response to the heritage and history of Moseley Road Baths. This boldly brilliant series features commissioned poetry and music, guided meditations and engaging interviews. The twist is that each person is interviewed in our own slipper bath with actual water inside! 

The Young Curators project is part of the Diving In Programme made possible by the National Lottery Heritage Fund

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Videographer: Luke Collins
Audio Recorder and Editor: Iain Armstrong
Podcast Host: Rachel Baker

Interviewees: Sadim Garvey, Fabio Henriques, Adam Wynn, Ayan Aden, Paula Larkin, Malikah and Shazia Khan
Young Curators: Nicole Gilmore, Malikah Khan, Jessica Ingram, Sadie Barnett, Habib Ali, Amira Mohamed
Producer: Gaby Songui
Commissioned Artists:
Adjei Sun and Kasey Isis, Rupinder Kaur, Kinna Whitehead, Zakariye Abdillahi, Tyriq Baker, Ray Vincent-Mills, Jobe Sullivan and John Stachula, Thea Hatton , Matthew Delahaye , Maya Uppal, Samar Jama

Listen to the podcasts on YouTube here!

Past project activty

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