Balsall Heath's
Living Room
July - Sept 2023

What was Balsall Heath's Living Room 'Back to Ours' project?

July 1st to 30th September 2023

This summer Moseley Road Baths invited you to come ‘back to ours’ to enjoy Balsall Heath’s Living Room.

The magnificent Gala Pool space had been transformed with artworks, rugs, materials, and soft furnishings to create a space where visitors were free to explore and enjoy its offerings. You could have a hot drink, relax, or choose from a diverse range of specially programmed, free activities, and events.

Playful installations inside and outside the building invited us to examine and celebrate our communal and individual heritage, as well as the rich, complex history of the Baths and of Balsall Heath, and to strengthen the future that will be shaped by the people.

Moseley Road Baths provided step-free access to the space. The main entrance to the Living Room was at the back of Moseley Road Baths via Edward Road. Entering the Gala pool space, you had the option of entering the pool down steps or via the newly built ramp.

Our courtyard had been turned into the Balsall Heath Play Kitchen and Pocket Garden! Designed and built by Parakeet, the space encouraged children to explore their culinary talents, engage with the natural world, and learn about the soil cycle through their play.

Made possible by the National Lottery Heritage Fund

Balsall Heath's Living Room 'Back to Ours' project - In pictures


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