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Don’t you want days like these? Beth Steventon-Crinks Exhibition

4th September to 30th September

Don’t you want days like these?

Beth Steventon-Crinks Exhibition

– a temporary 4-week pop-up space of Queer Living inside the historic Moseley Baths, created through contributions, conversations, and company.
Balsall Heath’s Living Room, The Gala Pool space

With the building closing from 2 October 2023 to restore Moseley Road Baths, Balsall Heath’s Living Room has been established to explore the civic nature of historical spaces and has been transformed with artworks and furnishings to create a place where visitors are free to explore.

The Moseley Shoals, the city’s LGBT+ social Swim & Water Polo group, has been meeting here for over 20 years. As part of the Living Room project, artist Beth Steventon-Crinks was invited to begin to explore The Shoals history, resulting in the month-long installation Don’t you want days like these?

Beth has created two textural pop-up Queer spaces in the Living Room to explore the Shoals’ histories, as well as how LGBTQ+  people have gathered and adapted. LGBTQ+ stories are often undocumented, with our stories hiding in under-bed photo-books, untold stories, and pressures to exist within spaces that sometimes aren’t built for us.

Don’t you want days like these? follows an earlier version of this project called Queer Living: Wanna Get in my Drawers? (Flatpack Festival, 2023) An immersive look at Queer living, chosen family, and the stories that can be found on a bedside table.

Taken from the Ocean Colour Scene’s Moseley Shoals album, “Don’t you

want days like these?” The temporary nature of the space prompts you to consider what defines an LGBTQ+ space and how we collate our history – Past, Present, Future.

You are invited to rummage.

Sniff a towel.
Make a cuppa.
Try on a t-shirt if you fancy.


You can find out more information about Beth here

Balsall Heath’s Living Room is part of the Diving In Programme funded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund

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