We’re showcasing just some of remarkable individuals whose contributions have sent rippling waves of positive change and inspired many others at MRB.

Anton Pokryshchuk Chats to us About Becoming a Lifeguard

Anton Pokryshchuk started volunteering at Moseley Road Baths earlier this year as part of our lifeguard training programme. Since then, he has gone on to become a fully-qualified lifeguard and popular member of our swim team.

Ooooo! That’s nice! Niki Doyle, reception volunteer

Introducing Niki Doyle: from braving cold waters to warming hearts as a Moseley Road Baths reception volunteer. Niki shares her story of swimming that transformed her well-being. Her commitment as a volunteer unearthed a tapestry of people and history. With heartfelt gratitude, she stands as a testament to the Baths’ enduring legacy.

Paniz Azani Volunteer Lifeguard – Moseley Road Baths

Meet Paniz Azani, our volunteer lifeguard at Moseley Road Baths. Despite facing multiple challenges, including battling MS, Paniz’s love for water led her to qualify as a lifeguard after recently graduating with a law degree. In her home country, she was a swimming teacher, and her passion to continue that role brought her to Moseley Road Baths.

Roxie’s story – MRB celebrating volunteers

A volunteer’s story: There’s something in the water Saturday 12 th March 2022 is a wonderful day. I proudly hold in my hand keys to the Grade II* listed Moseley Road Baths: I have responsibility for the building during Balsall Heath Second Saturday. The day already felt like it held significance, not just because of […]