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Paniz Azani Volunteer Lifeguard – Moseley Road Baths

September 1, 2023

Paniz Azani
Volunteer Lifeguard – Moseley Road Baths

Hi, I’m Paniz, I’m 29 years old and I’m originally from Iran. I came to the UK in 2020.I recently qualified as a lifeguard. I also recently graduated – my degree is law. I suffer from MS and because of that, I’m drawn to swimming and everything related to water.

In my home country, I was a swimming teacher. I wanted to continue that role in this country, as a part time job, while I gave my attention to my degree. Swim England gave me support and introduced me to Anji (swim teacher at Moseley Road Baths) and that’s how I was introduced to Moseley Road Baths. Now I prefer to be a lifeguard!

What has it been like being a volunteer at Moseley Road Baths?
Actually, it makes me smile! After volunteering here, I can live the life that I want. I used to be a person who cared about money, but being here changed me completely. I’m not that person anymore. I just want to help people; I try to make them smile.

What have you gained personally from volunteering?
Actually, it’s something about personality and being human. I was a good person before but it’s changed me more and more and released my potential to be more helpful to people. Helping people and making them smile puts you in a great situation and makes you feel much better! And now I have a great paid job offer to be a lifeguard at a different swimming pool –because of volunteering here.

That’s a great outcome for you! And it’s amazing to have you volunteering here. What’s the best thing about volunteering at Moseley Road Baths?
Being here involves amazing groups, the positive energy between everyone, the relationships and the communication – it’s very important to me. I’m a lucky person to have it.

Watch this interview here:

Interview took place in August 2023, interviewed by Susie Walker – Volunteer coordinator, Moseley Road Baths. You can contact Susie here

Photos courtesy of Ian Cuthbert

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