Pool Rules

We want our pool to be safe for all of our swimmers, our volunteers and our staff and we ask everyone who visits to follow the rules below.

Do I need to book?

  • No, swimming will remain as “pay-as-you-go” and customers can just turn up to swim.
  • We do not yet have IT systems in place to enable us to pre-book swim sessions and may introduce a booking system later in the year for people who would like this option.
  • Some of our customers will not be able to access online pre-booking systems and so we are committed to offering a “pay as you go” option to ensure that all members of our community can swim at Moseley Road Baths.

Before Swimming

  1. Please check out timetable for a suitable swim session before traveling to Moseley Road Baths – this is available here.
  2. We operate a pay as you go system. There is no pre-booking for swimming sessions.
  3. If you are more than 20 minutes late for the session, you may not be able to access the pool or reception area until the start of the next session.
  4. There is a sanitation station in reception so please sanitise your hands as you come into our building.

    Please try to arrive “beach ready”, i.e. wearing your swimming costume or swim shorts underneath your clothes, to help reduce times spent in the changing cubicles.

During Your Swim

  1. Please follow the instructions, all signs and requests from our poolside team.
  2. Swimmers with long hair must wear a swim hat. You must bring your own swim hat or buy one at reception as they will not be available to borrow.
  3. Showers are available poolside please use them before getting into the pool for your swim. 
  4. Use the designated steps to both enter and exit the pool.
  5. A maximum of 2 people will be allowed to rest at the end of each lane.
  6. All children aged 11 and under must be accompanied both in and out of the water by an adult, with a maximum of two children per adult. Adults will be responsible for making sure that children follow the pool rules and always maintain the correct distance away from other swimmers.
  7. Please exit the pool 8 minutes before the end of your session so that you have time to change, and staff can clean your cubicle before the next session.

After Your Swim

  1. Showers are available poolside to wash off the pool water before getting changed.
  2. Changing cubicles are available poolside but please change quickly to allow our staff time to clean them before the next session.