Anton Pokryshchuk Chats to us About Becoming a Lifeguard

Anton Pokryshchuk started volunteering at Moseley Road Baths earlier this year as part of our lifeguard training programme. Since then, he has gone on to become a fully-qualified lifeguard and popular member of our swim team.

Waving goodbye…for now

Sat 30th Sept – As we move closer to this monumental milestone in the Moseley Road Baths journey, we welcome everyone to join us in reflecting of the continued support our communities have given us over the years.

Paniz Azani Volunteer Lifeguard – Moseley Road Baths

Meet Paniz Azani, our volunteer lifeguard at Moseley Road Baths. Despite facing multiple challenges, including battling MS, Paniz’s love for water led her to qualify as a lifeguard after recently graduating with a law degree. In her home country, she was a swimming teacher, and her passion to continue that role brought her to Moseley Road Baths.

School’s out for summer

Moseley Road Baths is gearing up for a jam-packed summer season, offering an array of events and activities to keep you entertained from July 24th until the start of the next school term.

Young Curators of Moseley Road Baths

With support from our staff and team of experts from our wider network you will be provided with the skills, resources and agency to explore stories with your chosen audiences and communities.