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October 24, 2022

Johns Aqua

Hello, my name is John and I am the instructor of John’s Aqua

I am not a Brummie, I was born in Northolt, Middlesex and in 1976 I moved to Stafford and then Rugeley. I moved to Birmingham in about 1984 and got a job at Ten Acres Stirchley Co-op society in Stirchley as a milkman. I didn’t milk the cows but delivered the milk in the Moseley area. Two years ago, my mate gave me the honour of being an adopted Brummie for my services to the people of Birmingham.

I first started my Aqua aerobics classes in 2002 although I qualified in 1999, I just didn’t fancy the idea of standing in front of people jumping around to the music! Then in 2002 my boss told me we are starting an Aqua aerobics class on a Wednesday lunchtime, and you are going to get up there and teach the class. This was at Fox Hollies leisure centre in Acocks Green. I managed to get through my first class. I only had 3 people turn up but within a few months I built up to 4 classes a week and some days I would get a full house (50 people)! In 2014 I decided to retire from my job at Fox Hollies (I was also teaching school children swimming)

I still teach swimming and Aqua but only part time. I have two Aqua classes a week at MRB -Tuesday morning 11.30am and Thursday evening 7.15pm. I still really enjoy my classes. I am an OAP now, but I can still jump around a bit and love helping people to keep fit, improve joints and muscles, coordination, brain power, flexibility and we always enjoy the music, banter, and friendly atmosphere.

Friendship can be so important to some people and even getting out and being active. Whatever your age or ability we can all muck in together and work as fast and as hard as you like or just take it easy and have a chat or sing along.



John’s Aqua runs on:

Tuesdays 11:30 – 12:30
Thursday 19:15 – 20:15


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