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Artist Talk by Jaskirt Boora

August 8, 2022

"As soon as it becomes a hobby and the hobby becomes something you love why not doit every single day. What a better way to be happy." - Josh, Fearless MMA fighter, Hockley

Artist Talk by Jaskirt Boora

In Conversation with Multistory’s Jess Piette at Moseley Road Baths

Thursday 23 June

Artist Jaskirt Boora will be giving talk and Q&A in the Moseley Road Baths Gala pool, which will draw on her current exhibition People, Place & Sport; a series of photographic portraits and recorded conversations that celebrate grassroots sports in the West Midlands.

Jaskirt will be speaking about issues of representation, with a focus on ethnicity and gender within sports and the photography landscape, as well as her socially engaged arts practise more widely.

Touching on community sport’s relationship to social justice, the talk will explore the empowering role that open-access parks & outdoor pools and self-organised sporting hubs play in for local communities, as collectively owned sites for self-expression and gathering.

This event is taking place as part of the Multistory Blast Creative Network programme at the Moseley Road Baths Gala pool, where you can also view the exhibition and chat to Jaskirt afterwards.

Refreshments including samosas and soft drinks

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