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Young Curators’ Creative producer

April 25, 2023

Creative Producer of Young Curators

”My favourite thing about Moseley Road Baths is its historical significance. Entering into Moseley Road Baths instantly inspired me, as you feel as though you have been transported back in time with its original fixtures, tiles and framework. I am incredibly lucky to get to see the Gala Pool, managers flat, slipper baths… let alone work with them.

As a young person I was inspired by my mother who taught me how to fight for what I believed, and she did this by example. Once she organised a charity event to raise money for treatment for a family member, and despite having never done anything similar before, she had an amazing turnout and sufficiently raised the funds. Her job was being our mother, but she did so with such vigour that I understood how to truly be a changemaker.

Because of this, I stoically advocated what I believed in whilst at school and began a theatre group which became a supportive community. Creating and engaging with communities continues to inspire me today.

Birmingham is a home to everyone who wants to be a part of the city. The statue of Lucifer in Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery was rejected by countless cities, and yet Birmingham happily accepted it. It is now an unmovable part of our history and we are better because of it. Birmingham doesn’t pretend to be anything it’s not and its authenticity and diversity makes the city rich in personality and arts.”

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