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Introducing our Producer – Balsall Heath’s Living Room

March 10, 2023

Dani is standing to the left and leaning one hand on a sideboard Timis to the right, perched on a sofa arm and talking to dani

Balsall Heath’s Living Room
July to September

From July this year, the iconic Gala Pool will be transformed into Balsall Heath’s very own Living Room! It will be live until the end of September.

What should you expect?
Moseley Road Baths was a civic building gifted to Balsall Heath’s people when it was incorporated into the city of Birmingham. The building is for the people of Balsall Heath, and we want to explore that with you.

Balsall Heath’s Living Room will be a free civic space in which people are welcome to chill out with friends or alone, engage with the installation and programme of activities

Balsall Heath’s Living Room creative producer

Moseley Road Baths are in cahoots with Tickertape Parade CIC as creative producer, to work out exactly how this space should look and feel. Tim and Dani will be busy over the next few months organising, steering, listening, and working out exactly what Balsall Heath’s Living Room will look, feel, sound, and be like!

Tell us about Tickertape Parade CIC?

We’re a community-focused creative organisation from South Birmingham who produce and curate arts experiences with the aim of getting us all talking to each other and impacting the way we all feel about where we live. We love collaborating and love celebrating Birmingham!

Tim and Dani in the deep end

What were you working on before joining MRB?
Most recently we both worked on the Birmingham 2022 Festival around the Commonwealth Games, the biggest cultural festival the region has ever had, with over 200 events across 6 months. We’ve also worked recently for lots of local organisations including Midlands Arts Centre, Ort Gallery and Friction Arts.

What are you excited about OR what is important to you to achieve as part Balsall Heath’s Living Room creative producer?

Living and working in Balsall Heath for many years, we’ve experienced MRB through its various incarnations – through long periods of jeopardy and closure, through to this moment of bright hope for the future – and it’s fantastic to know we’ll be able to contribute to this step in the journey. Our role will be temporary, but we are really eager to help grow long-lasting relationships which can extend beyond the life of this project, and bring in a range of voices, perspectives and lived experiences. We’d love to help everyone locally to feel invested in MRB’s success and be drawn in and empowered by our activities. Ultimately, we’re here to deliver welcoming, inclusive, ambitious, and sustainable creative activities in the Baths and provide a safe, inspiring and joyful social place in the heart of the communities.

You can contact Tickertape Parade by emailing

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