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The Young Curators: Jessica Ingram

March 19, 2024

In 2023, six fantastic early-career creatives took part in a paid development programme and brought a fresh perspective to the heritage of Moseley Road Bath’s with a brand-new digital experience

The final outcome of the project was an innovative podcast called Bathcasts. In each episode, comedian Rachel Baker interviews someone connected to Moseley Road Baths while they take a bath in one of our Edwardian Slipper Bath cubicles. The six-part series also features specially commissioned poetry, spoken word, music and guided meditations. After launching in November with a special night featuring live performances and a bath-shaped cake, the podcast is now available to listen to on Spotify.

As the project came to an end, we caught up with each of our Young Curators about their experience working on this unique collaboration and how it has impacted their plans for the future. Next up, practitioner Jessica Ingram…

Hi Jessica! Let’s start with a round of fun, quick-fire questions. 

Would you rather have a shower, take a bath or go for a swim?


Bubbles, a rubber duck or both?


Hot water, cold water or somewhere in between?

Hot water.

A podcast, music or an audiobook?

Podcast – “Extraordinary Creatives”

A samosa, chips or a slice of cake?


Moving on to some bigger questions, who is an you have admired recently?

Oh I’d say Shona Heath. Shona Heath is an amazing production and set designer who really triggered my love for photography and other arts that were different to what you’re taught at school. Her collaborations with Tim Walker are what inspired the beginning of my journey in photography and love for set design. She has  a developed style within her work that can be seen throughout each project,  from her Vogue fashion shoot designs to her production design on Poor Things.

Where is your favourite place in Birmingham?

I’d say Kitchen Garden Cafe in King’s Heath. I’ve always found it to be a really peaceful place and there are so many gorgeous plants there. I’ve had lots of nice memories in that building.

If you could put on any event in Moseley Road Baths, what would it be?

Oooo, I’d make a water themed installation. Imagine a water world and somehow you’ve been transported underwater with many twists and turns. Yeah, something like that. If I could I’d collaborate with yhe amazing Misty Buckley who designed the opening ceremony for the Commonwealth Games. I’d also collaborate with some of my favourite Brum artists Oldbort and Rosie Tee of Kikimora records because I would 100% trust their vision. We can make this happen, right?

Are there any other buildings in Birmingham you would like to see renovated?

I’d love to see The Crown on Station Rd restored. It would be an amazing location for all things arts, respecting it’s history as a music venue but also used as a space for exhibitions and creative learning. I understand there is a lot of controversy surrounding this building and others on Station Rd right now but I firmly believe one of the best things about Birmingham is our arts and culture.

What is your favourite part of Moseley Road Baths? And what made you want to get involved with the Young Curators project?

Aaaah, there’s a lot I love about Moseley Road Baths! The community there, the range of events and classes that happen there, the beautiful architecture of the building and the history. There’s so much to love. One of my favourite rooms is one if the ones below with the pumps, it was great to visit there. Previously I had been to Moseley Road Baths  photographing a Sofar Sounds event (an intimate music gig) and I fell in love with the buildings architecture. Not long after I saw the advertisement for the opportunity to work on a project with Moseley Road Baths and I applied. I have always been passionate about live performances in any form and being a Young Curator really helped me explore that and what it means to curate a while evening of music and poetry.

What was the most impactful lesson you learnt during the project?

I would say the very first session with Lara Ratnaraja. That day I made some new friends, which was exciting, I always love working with new people. Lara’s session was particularly impactful as she asked us so many questions regarding who we were as people. She made us think about ourselves at more than face value which has still stuck by me 9 months later.

What are you most proud of from your time as Young Curator?

I’m really proud of the event we held at the end of the project. It was such a celebration of what we had all done and the audience really enjoyed themselves. The opportunities we had given other artists made me so proud of the community that we have in Birmingham, there truly was some exceptional performances that evening. Another golden moment would have been when we had the breakthrough of “Bathcasts” and the trail that would work alongside it. Its like the idea had been waiting for us the whole time and the happiness around the room is hard to explain.

What do you hope the legacy of the project will be?

I’d want it to be something that people can repeatedly look back on and be reminded of the wonderful history from the Baths, but also, have a sense of the love and community that went into bringing the project to fruition. The building has such a historical importance and it would be great that people are reminded of that.

Finally, what are your plans for the future?

Well currently I’m working as the Paintshop Assistant at the Birmingham Rep which will continue for the foreseeable future as I still have so much to learn. After that, who knows?! Hopefully some exciting projects come my way. I’m always up for collaborating. I would absolutely love to work on some arts and heritage projects again.

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The Young Curators project was funded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund.

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