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Moseley Road Baths & Balsall Heath Library: Future Consultation

December 8, 2023

Moseley Road Baths and Balsall Heath Library are going through a major £32.7m capital redevelopment project to repair, restore and transform these two civic heritage buildings which sit at the heart of Balsall Heath communities. The buildings are having much needed work to increase capacity, and optimise the spaces to cater for a range of audiences, whilst maintaining their heritage features. But this isn’t where the change ends!

With the vision to make Moseley Road Baths and Balsall Heath Library connected buildings, our teams want to work together with our communities to reach new potential in our programming, services, and the use of our spaces.

Moseley Road Baths strives to be relevant and inclusive, and this means that we constantly ask and reflect on our programme, services and how we welcome our audiences.

The purpose of the survey and consultation:
This helps us create evidence based and tailored programmes to existing and potential audiences. We will know who we are reaching and who we are not reaching.  We know this does not give the whole picture, but it supports us in uncovering the needs or strengths of communities to guide planning, development, and decision making.
We will use the data and feedback to inform our future programming and to support us in our fundraising applications.
This data is anonymous. To see our privacy policy, please go to
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