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Getting Away With It By Roxie Collins aka Dj Wendy Unstuck

August 16, 2023

Getting Away With It, 10th year celebration
By Roxie Collins aka Dj Wendy Unstuck

Getting Away With It (on a night like this, or GAWI for short) is a club night devoted to The Smiths, Pet Shop Boys, New Order & The Cure, named after supergroup Electronic’s song of the same name mashed up with The Cure’s ‘On A Night Like This’. GAWI also play the music these bands influenced and the music that influenced them from across the New Wave, Post-punk, 80s and early 90s alternative/ synthpop and indie spectrums and sometimes beyond with newer tunes creeping in!

The night has been running at different venues across Birmingham since 2013, so this pool party celebrates our 10th birthday!

The GAWI team are back later in the year for the much anticipated Xmas special party on Saturday 9th December at the Hare and Hounds, Kings Heath (with DJ Abi, DJ Ross and DJ Peter too!)

Resident GAWI DJ Wendy Unstuck aka Roxie has been volunteering with Moseley Road Baths for over 2 years as a lifeguard and supporting events in the Gala pool. Resident DJ Abi from team GAWI is also an avid swimmer and Moseley Road Baths supporter.

Team GAWI will be celebrating their 10th birthday party with a mix of usual hits and tenuously(!!) water-themed tunes. Spinning on the decks alongside the resident GAWI DJ Wendy Unstuck is the return of DJ Underpass (aka Carla, DJ Doris of Sugarfoot Stomp, as well as Leaf Creative Arts who have been behind a number of ‘Love Hertz’ silent discos and Second Saturday events led by the wonderful Shelley). DJ Underpass promises to hit you with a darkened cement-sturdy set of GAWI favourites and as usual, lesser-heard gems.

It’s always been a dream to have a Getting Away With It pool disco at Moseley Road Baths: Roxie was chatting to some of the organisers at the Fatt Projects’ Mobilise Disco who mentioned they were also interested in putting their own dream of a pool party into reality (which was amazing!)… so before the summer holidays the team at GAWI were really excited to discuss this possibility with Emily at Moseley Road Baths. It had literally been on Roxie’s ’40 at 40’ list of ways to celebrate in her fortieth year of her life… and it feels great to be able bring New Wave to make waves at Moseley Road Baths! GAWI invite party goers to wear their favourite band t-shirts in the water.

The GAWI party will again be raising much needed and hugely appreciated funds for Papyrus, a charity making a difference in preventing young suicide. GAWI really value the difference music can make in giving people a voice to their emotions and the comfort and connection a song can give when feeling low and struggling or having their in between days. They have long believed in the power of art and music to make a difference to individual’s lives, through self-expression and giving confidence in our identities, whether it’s because of The Smiths or Bronski Beat, The Cure or Joy Division… Dance. Laugh. Cry. Be Human. Oh and this time, swim!

Keep on swimming. Keep on with holistic health and wellbeing offers. Keep it affordable. Keep the spaces safe, accessible and welcoming so we can all add our own meaning to them – Moseley Road Baths is a special place that saves us all in many different ways. That’s what music can do too, and many of the other activities that take place here. Swimming and music have saved much of the GAWI crew and their friends over the years and made us feel stronger to keep our heads up out of the water and as Chvrches and The Cure’s Robert Smith sing, 
“stay conscious when you drown…

When things get too much, just remember the things you love are still there for you waiting for you to return. 

Roxie Collins


Don’t miss your chance to be a part of history in the making. Join us as we celebrate the enduring legacy of GAWI and its profound impact on the music scene. Reserve your spot now and immerse yourself in an evening of rhythm, melody, and the refreshing embrace of water at Moseley Road Baths!

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