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Our 6 Young Curators

July 20, 2023

Our 6 Young Curators

What are the Young Curators?

Moseley Road Baths are working with six fantastic early-career creatives, our Young Curators, to make an exciting new digital creation inspired by Moseley Road Baths. Over the course of the six month programme, our Young Curators will choose an audience, conceptualise an idea, engage with the space and its community, explore the digital, commission artists, and ultimately, curate a final product. This could be a film, podcast, video game, digital immersive experience… Keep an eye on our socials to see what happens!

What is its aim?

  • To work with young people to create something exciting and innovative in connection with the baths
  • To aid the development of young people in the creative arts sector so they have the tools to pursue connected careers if they want to
  • To use digital technologies to tell stories that engage the Balsall Heath community


Lets start with the introductions – 

Sadie: ‘Hi! I am Sadie, I’m South-London Bred, Birmingham-Based and a General Do-er of Bits n Bobs, particularly in the realms of music, broadcasting and Silly Art. I’m also a receptionist at a spa (Guarder of Massages)’


Malikah: ‘My name is Malikah and I’m currently a speech and language therapy student! I enjoy sports and love scenery areas.’

Amira: ‘Hi I’m Amira, I just finished college, so I look forward to doing something other than studying! I like to read, watch shows, and solve puzzles’

Nicole: ‘My name is Nicole. I work for a charity supporting Refugees in Birmingham and am now part of the Steering Group from Young Curators. I love languages, painting, meeting new people and spending time in the sunshine whenever possible!’

Habib: ‘I am Habib, a Birmingham-based Arabic teacher and service designer. I love languages, training at the gym and drawing’

Jessica: Hi, I’m Jess! I’m a Birmingham based neurodiverse and queer practitioner focusing mainly on performance and event design and photography. You’ll usually find me at a music event taking photos of the bands or at home making a random 3D item’

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