Birgit Kehrer from ChangeKitchen

ChangeKitchen is a social enterprise catering company and cafe situated in the heart of Balsall Heath. By serving up delicious vegetarian dishes and teaching people how to cook healthy meals on a budget, they aim to use food to change lives. ChangeKitchen have provided daily catering for Balsall Heath Living Room instillation.

Join us this weekend for free workshops, films, play and food!

The weekend of events promises to be a captivating blend of heritage exploration, digital innovation, and skill-building for the community. From immersive tours of Moseley Road Baths to a dynamic digital skills boot camp, attendees can look forward to a diverse and enriching experience.

Ooooo! That’s nice! Niki Doyle, reception volunteer

Introducing Niki Doyle: from braving cold waters to warming hearts as a Moseley Road Baths reception volunteer. Niki shares her story of swimming that transformed her well-being. Her commitment as a volunteer unearthed a tapestry of people and history. With heartfelt gratitude, she stands as a testament to the Baths’ enduring legacy.

Paniz Azani Volunteer Lifeguard – Moseley Road Baths

Meet Paniz Azani, our volunteer lifeguard at Moseley Road Baths. Despite facing multiple challenges, including battling MS, Paniz’s love for water led her to qualify as a lifeguard after recently graduating with a law degree. In her home country, she was a swimming teacher, and her passion to continue that role brought her to Moseley Road Baths.