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Monthly Music Takeovers: Swimming With Gravitational Waves

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25th August
29th September
27th October

We are thrilled to announce that on the last Friday of every month we have invited well-established and emerging DJ’s, music producers and well-loved Birmingham promoters to take over the Swimming Pool space for a series of unforgettable events.

Each month a different music artist will bring their signature style to our historic venue, transforming Pool 2 area for a series of unforgettable unique nights for music lovers. For details of the line up for the next 4 months, please see our website.

To kick us off we are very proud to host…

Swimming With Gravitational Waves

A collaboration with Birmingham-loved Leon Trimble, Wet Sounds and Glasgow University.

About Swimming with Gravitational Waves

French Philosophers, Deleuze & Guattari talk about smooth and striated space. Where the city is ordered, fast-paced & many faceted, the countryside is open, slow, undeveloped. But the city has pockets of calm, gardens, parks & pools. Similarly the country has hedgerows, lanes and mountains. One exists within the other. Similarly the land has this relationship with the sea. The sea with the air. The planetary with the cosmic.

This is an experience in association with Wet Sounds and MRB that places art side by side with science. By giving you the opportunity to be in (and under) the water while listening to the Gravity Synth you can feel more in tune with how gravitational waves travel through the universe. Accompanied by a pre-show talk by Dr Andrew Spencer from the University of Glasgow, and an astronomically-themed set from PlutonOvarian – this is the perfect mix of spacey vs grounded, techno vs physics.

The Gravity Synth is an ongoing live music collaboration that started between Leon Trimble and the University of Birmingham Astrophysicists and has now expanded to include astrophysicists at the University of Glasgow and Warwick. It fuses the grand ideas (and equipment) for detection of Gravitational Waves with Modular Synthesis and Modular Video. Using desktop versions of laser interferometers and wide field telescopes to recreate the detector signals in real-time and make audiovisual wonderment.


What to expect on the night:

  • At your selected time slot you will be taken into the Gala Pool where you will be expected to relax and listen to Astrophysicist Doctor Andrew Spencer who will give a talk about what you are about to experience in depth, situated in Balsall Heaths’ Living Room.
  • On the hour (i.e. 6pm, 7pm and 8pm) you will be taken through to the swimming pool where the audio-visual experience shall begin.
  • You will be able to change on the pool side but we do advise that you already come dressed, so you save time and have the the full experience and time in the pool.
  • Float, swim and listen as you are transformed.

More details

  • Children over 8 are allowed under the responsibility and supervision of the carer and parent.
  • Booking is essential.
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