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immersion: a celebration of community and belonging at Moseley Road Baths

immersion: a celebration of community and belonging at moseley road baths
Saturday 23rd September

Get ready to soak in an unforgettable evening of history, diversity, and community at ‘immersion’! As you step in, you’ll be greeted with refreshing drinks and the opportunity to explore Moseley Road Baths Living Room Programme and the many installations already in the space. 

Brace yourself for a journey through time as our engaging speakers sit on a panel, unveiling the rich tapestry of Moseley Road Baths’ past – a place that has woven itself into the heart of diverse communities. You’ll gain insights into its unique character, shaping its role as a beacon of inclusion and belonging.

With occasional breaks that keep the energy flowing, our speakers will explore the baths’ roles as not just pools, but as healing sanctuaries, relationship hubs, and community building – in the past, present and imagined future. 

As the evening unfolds, we welcome you to let your hair down and embrace the spirit of celebration. Step into a party that reimagines the very essence of the baths. It’s a party that echoes the heartbeat of the local community, amplifying the unconventional ways the baths have touched lives. As the night dances on, we’ll toast to the groups that make the baths their second home, revelling in the harmony of shared experiences and collective joy. This isn’t just a party – it’s a vibrant mosaic of stories, connections, and memories waiting to be created.

So mark your calendar, tell your friends, and get ready for an evening that will immerse you in history, culture, and the beauty of human connection. ‘Immersion: a Celebration of Community and Belonging at Moseley Road Baths’ isn’t just any old panel event – it’s an experience you won’t want to miss!

This event is hosted and organised by Bethany Steventon-Crinks, Hassan Hussain and Patrick Vernon, with support from Fierce Festival and Moseley Road Baths, made possible by the National Lottery Heritage Fund.

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