Womens sessions

Womens’ sessions are as detailed in the timetable:

– Be Active (free for all women living in Birmingham): Monday 1130 til 1230

– Women, girls and boys under 8 years old: Monday 1815 til 1915

– Women adults only: Tuesday 1830 til 1930.

Due to high demand, tickets for women’s sessions can only be given to women who are physically present – not for friends etc. Tickets are not given out until 30 minutes before the session.

Female lifeguards: We have been working hard to bring in and train some more female lifeguards. This has been successful and we now almost always have female lifeguards for women only sessions. However please note we cannot guarantee this, and will let you know on arrival if there are no female lifeguards available.

If you’re female and would like to train as one of our volunteer lifeguards, we’d love to have you! We can cover some or all of your training costs. Read more here.

Clothing, hats and hygiene:

If you have long hair (down to your neck or longer), or use hair oil or other products, please wear a swimming hat while using the pool to ensure we can provide clean water quality. We have these for sale at the ticket office.

Some customers may feel the need to wear adapted clothing (eg tshirt, leggings) for a number of reasons.  The adapted clothing must be

  • Lightweight
  • Relatively close fitting to avoid the danger of drag
  • Not hazardous to other bathers
  • Appropriate for the session attended
  • Worn over a swimming costume or swimming shorts

Clothing worn immediately prior to swimming (such as T-shirts worn to travel to the pool) will not be permitted and no underwear is allowed.

Jewellery should be kept to an absolute minimum and should only be allowed if it does not pose a threat to the individual wearing it or other bathers. Where customers need to wear, or have with them, an object of religious and cultural significance then these should be assessed against the safety criteria. For example a ‘Kirpan (Sikh dagger) may be worn by an individual from the Sikh faith as long as it is not displayed openly and is kept under clothing or secured in a pocket of the swimwear.

In the interest of hygiene all swimwear should be clean, with swimmers requested to shower before entering the pool and again after getting out to use the toilet during a swimming session.

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