Gala Pool Art Project

We are currently working with National Trust to deliver a new contemporary art commission that will celebrate the re-opening of the dramatic and beautiful Gala Pool, which has been closed since 2003. This incredible space will re-open in early 2020 (although not for swimming) after undergoing a major roof repair funded by Historic England with matched funding from Birmingham City Council.

This new work will make a strong impact in the Gala Pool space and the outside of the building. We expect this work will be both visually stunning and rooted in the local community; reflecting the essence of the baths as a past, present and future community space. 

We received a lot of interest and really positive feedback on the artist brief, and have just recruited Juneau Projects to deliver this exciting commission. 

Juneau Projects are Philip Duckworth and Ben Sadler, an artist duo based in Birmingham. Formed in 2001, they have a proven track record of delivering small, medium and large scale public art projects and commissions both nationally and internationally. Their practice has participation at its core. They have experience of working in Balsall Heath. Their recent work incorporates an interest in heritage and how this can be shared in new ways with a contemporary audience. They like to keep their method, approach and theme open, so that this can be developed with the community. However a key idea they would like to explore is producing a hand-painted animation that could be projected within the space and also shown outside the building (e.g. projection mapped onto the building’s exterior, displayed on screens in other local public buildings/ spaces).

This will be both beautiful and meaningful; involving a wide range of people in the commission. Both artists have used the baths as children and adults and it holds a continuing fascination for them. The Baths’ history as a cultural hub for the local community is of great interest, they love the idea of exploring a contemporary equivalent of this.

See Juneau Projects recent work below

Project Aims

*Showcasing, sharing and celebrating the newly accessible Gala pool.
*Deepening and widening connection with the Baths and its stories.
*Sparking conversations that shape our collective understanding of the spirit of this unique place and its future.
*Raising the profile of the site and the campaign to keep it in use.
*Making a connection to the people who use and support Moseley Road Baths., and wider communities.

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