Tahgasa Bertram

Tahgasa Bertram

Freelance Illustrator

I’m Tahgasa Bertram a self-taught freelance illustrator from Birmingham.

A little q&a

Who are you?

I’m Tahgasa Bertram a self-taught freelance illustrator from Birmingham.

Why you agreed to be involved in this project?

I saw this project as an opportunity to give back to a community I grew up in and still feel passionately about. I still live locally to MRB and my fond memories are relived whenever I pass it.

What do you feel passionately about when you start a project like this?

Giving back. I’m passionate about giving back to people, organisations and communities that have helped me throughout my life. It’s a bonus to be able to do it through illustration.

What inspired your design?

The design was inspired by the diverse mix of people and cultures in Balsall Heath and merging them with key features of the bath’s interior.

What is your connection to MRB or Balsall Heath?

I went to Percy Shurmer Primary School and we used MRB once a week for swimming lessons. I wouldn’t be the swimmer I am today with MRB!

Where can we see example of your work?

Examples of my work can be seen on my website and Instagram

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