Sarah Taylor Silverwood

Sarah Taylor Silverwood


An artist who works with drawing, usually in collaboration with others.

A little q&a

Who are you?

I am an artist who works with drawing, usually in collaboration with others. My work often takes the form of ceramics, animation and print.

Why you agreed to be involved in this project?

This community-led swimming pool is unique. I was drawn to the building originally by the colourful brickwork, intricate flooring and tinted glass windows, but what really stayed with me is the social history of the baths and their importance to people (past and present).

What do you feel passionately about when you start a project like this?

Buildings like swimming pools, community centres and libraries are integral to our communities and I feel strongly that they should be supported and celebrated.

What inspired your design?

I wanted to create some unique lettering that explored the variety of imagery that I found in the building. This was inspired by the architecture, talking to staff, and thinking about my own memories from swimming pools growing up.

What is your connection to MRB or Balsall Heath?

I came across the baths back in 2016 when I did an artist residency in Balsall Heath with MakeShiftSpace, a portable studio on wheels. I spent my days making handmade signs for local businesses, including MRB.

Where can we see example of your work?

On my website or on instagram @sarahtaylorsilverwood