Rupi Dhillon

Rupi Dhillon


Rupi Dhillon is a Birmingham based artist currently living between Birmingham and the Black Country.

A little q&a

Who are you?

Rupi Dhillon is a Birmingham based artist currently living between Birmingham and the Black Country. Her arts practice takes shape in the form of performance, film, sculpture and drawing. With a heavy emphasis on social engagement, she has won several awards and performed and facilitated projects across the UK.

Why you agreed to be involved in this project?

Living in Balsall Heath was one of my most favourite places to live in Birmingham, this project allowed me to give back and be part of a community that really enriched my life.

What do you feel passionately about when you start a project like this?

Spending time enriching your community really helps you gain a unique sense of purpose. I can draw upon many isolated periods in my life and I am thankful to the support of great organisations such as MRB for providing opportunities for socialising and support. When you immerse yourself in a community and surround yourself with people who are dedicated to bettering the area, you can learn so much about yourself and others, but also help to provide spaces for collaboration and learning for people who need it the most.

What inspired your design?

Balsall Heath inspires open community, support and learning, I developed as person when living here and my design represents the growth I had here through sense of community, togetherness and diversity.

What is your connection to MRB or Balsall Heath?

Lived in Balsall Heath, close connections to the community here.

Where can we see example of your work?

Examples of my work can be seen on my website and Instagram

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