I was a regular attendee, visiting up to 5 times a week, especially for adult lane swimming. I was doing this for the last 3 years. Swimming is one of the most effective forms of exercise. It is a good thing that the local community have this facility available. I felt it would be a loss to the community and of the legacy to let it go.

There were rumours of what was to become of the building (left derelict, converted to flats etc). I felt that I could devote some of my time and effort to keep it going. I want to see where the new direction will take it. I have meet different people from outside my social of working circles, with different outlooks. I am pleased to have received my lifeguard certification after 3 weekends of getting up early for full days of training.

The building of Moseley Road Baths is a unique treasure to the area that should have its full potential realised. I would encourage people to participate to keep it going and to take on a personal challenge.


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