MRB’s Commonwealth Program July 2022

Moseley Road Baths welcomes the Commonwealth 2022

Location: The Gala Pool, Moseley Road Baths.

Mon & Wed: 9.15am to 7.30pm
Tues: 9.30am to 8.15pm
Thurs: 9.30am to 3pm
Fri: 9.15am to 7pm
Sat 9am to 4.45pm
Sun 9am -1.30pm

Location: The Gala Pool, Moseley Road Baths.
Time: 3pm, 4.30pm. 6pm & 7.30pm.
The duration of the performance will be 40mins

The project will collide with a public day of events, experiences and activities at The Moseley Road Baths, Gala Pool for local intergenerational communities to gather, swim and take part.

Birmingham 2022 Festival presents From City of Empire to City of Diversity: A Visual Journey
4th to 28th July

We welcome people of all ages to join us on a visual journey, exploring how Birmingham changed from being a City of Empire in 1889 to the City of Diversity it is today.

The exhibition includes personal stories of migration and settlement by those who came to Birmingham and put down roots in our city. In the year that sees our city host the Commonwealth Games, From City of Empire to City of Diversity explores how Birmingham’s connections to the British Empire have shaped its’ past, present and future.

The Gala Pool, Moseley Road Baths.

Dates and times:
Mon & Wed: 9.15am to 7.30pm
Tues: 9.30am to 8.15pm
Thurs: 9.30am to 3pm
Fri: 9.15am to 7pm
Sat 9am to 4.45pm
Sun 9am -1.30pm

For bookings please visit:

Birmingham 2022 Festival presents BOSA, with Notnow Collective Viewings 12th to 16th July

A Creative City project generously supported by Birmingham City Council.

BOSA (barefoot) is a story of leaving an old home and arriving in a new place. Whether moving from a village to a busy city, from one neighbourhood to another, or from one country to a completely new one across the continent, we all have experience creating new homes.

BOSA means barefoot in Croatia, as we were exploring the sensations of being comfortable and safe in a place where we feel ‘at home’.

The audience is taken on an immersive audio experience, listening to a story of one woman leaving her home and building a new life in a new place. But is it possible to ever settle? Or do we constantly compare things to our old home? A sound coming from a busy open market takes us on a memory lane, back to the grandma’s garden where chickens fight and one has to find shade from the intense sun. This is also a story about
caring for others and working selflessly to make others safe and comfortable. And how can caring for others help us in settling in? What does it mean to greet
the neighbour in the morning, take off shoes when we reach home and have
a cup of tea? How do we (you) create rituals of settling in?

The Gala Pool, Moseley Road Baths.

3pm, 4.30pm. 6pm & 7.30pm.
The duration of the performance will be 40mins

For booking information please visit:

Ceremony of Self-An interdisciplinary arts exhibition by local young women

Birmingham 2022 Festival Presents | created by Hope&Gather

At Moseley Public Baths August 6-31st

On Saturday August 6th, you are cordially invited to join us for a day of swim, art and craft activities to launch Ceremony of Self, an interdisciplinary exhibition created by a group of young women exploring what it means to be a creative female coming of age in today’s society. These works and private performances were created in two weeks drawing on ritual, mask, costume, the written word and games.

August 6th
10:45am – 4:30pm

Free, with advanced booking required
Moseley Road Baths, 497 Moseley Rd, Balsall Heath, Birmingham B12 9BX

Moseley Baths and Hope&Gather invite you to celebrate yourself in a range of family-friendly activities ranging from mask-making and screen printing to swim activities or how about mastering the art of creating your own self-portrait led by the Ceremony of Self and Moseley Baths teams.

10:45am–11:45am & 12:00pm  – 1:00pm
Morning Adventure Swim & Play Sessions
Come and splash in the swimming pool with the space full of fun inflatables. Everyone welcome U8’s MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY AN ADULT.

Ceremony of Self exhibition

The space opens, with snacks and refreshments

Open crafting activities


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