It was the week before ‘back to school’; September was accompanied by a slight chill in the air and the promise of school runs; pencil cases and new beginnings.  Here at Moseley Road Baths we marked the end of the holidays with two fabulously arty workshops that form part of a long term project with artistic duo Juneau Projects.

So what did we get up to?

The workshops which took place on 29th August and 1st September gave bath goers the chance to contribute to an animation that will be showcased in the Gala Pool next year. Each participant was given a shot of a swimmer or a hand in water with clear plastic over it to paint. Each picture forms part of what will be together by Ben and Phil to create a stop motion video. If you want an idea of what a stop motion video looks like, check out one of their previous projects via this link:


Whilst some opted for serene and calming blues, others added a pop of yellow or green. I particularly enjoyed mark making in different shades of blue, adding specks of white to mimic the ripples on the surface of the water. It was great to see everyone get stuck in and bring a fresh portrayal of the original prints.

There was also an opportunity to make a wooden figure of a swimmer and people got really creative with these. Look at these mermaids! The shapes that make their hair were actually cut out to be wave shapes but our young creatives turned them into golden mermaid locks!

Perfecting those wooden figures!

So what did those taking part think?

One participant found the experience ‘very therapeutic’ and another enjoyed the ‘great atmosphere and lovely people who run the session’. Another said that it was a ‘fun way to be part of a “movie”’!

Coolest of all, everyone who took part was asked if they wanted their names to be added to the credits of the animation when it is showcased at the Gala Pool next year!  And the fun did not stop there; participants also had the opportunity to pose with some brilliant props and a frame.

Sad that you missed the workshops? Don’t worry, there will be plenty of opportunities to take part. Follow us on our social media pages for updates on the project and remember #keepswimming

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