Here are some responses to questions we get asked about lifeguard training at Moseley Road Baths.

What does the course involve and how long does it take?

The course involves a mix of classroom-based teaching and teaching sessions in the pool. Courses tend to take around five or six full working days – for example 8am til 4pm. At Moseley Road Baths we usually run these over three weekends.

Lifeguards also need to undertake 2 hours refresher training every month – we provide this too for regular volunteers.

So it’s quite a commitment but we already have several new volunteer lifeguards who are enjoying their volunteering, sometimes earning an income at other pools and are really pleased they have taken this step.

What does it do for me career wise?

A NPLQ enables you to act as a lifeguard which is a role in itself but also a valuable qualification for many wider roles in the leisure industry. Most leisure managers start off as Pool Lifeguards. The course also gives you some first aid skills and demonstrates that you are capable of taking responsibility. It also means you can volunteer as part of our friendly and lively team at Moseley Road Baths and be part of an amazing historic community asset.

How fit do you need to be? and how good a swimmer?

To train as a lifeguard you need to be able to:

Your fitness and swimming capabilities are usually assessed before the course starts.

It’s not just about fitness – you also need to have good concentration and observation skills and be conscientious and reliable.

You also have to be 16 or over at the assessment date.

For women-only courses, are the teachers women and is the pool a women-only space?

Yes. If we advertise a course as women-only, we mean that all students and the teacher will be female and that the pool room will be closed to men during water-based sessions. The rest of the building will still be open to men, just as when we have women-only swimming sessions.

What does it cost? What’s the deal with volunteering?

The course tends to cost around £350 per person, but this does vary so please treat this as a ‘ballpark’. For people who intend to volunteer regularly with us, we can often cover all or part of this cost through our training budget. We are a charity, so if people who can afford to cover all or part of the cost, that is greatly appreciated. If we do cover your costs, or some of them, we ask you to sign an agreement that you will do some hours volunteering with us. For the full cost, this agreement is for 40 hours over 6 months – although ideally we would like it if you could see this as a regular commitment for a longer period of time, as this is what we need to keep our pool open to the community.

If people want to come on the course but don’t want to volunteer with us, that’s fine if there is space but you will have to pay the full price.

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