What are you doing to ensure social distancing?

What new cleaning measures are in place?

Are there new rules to follow?

There is more information on our new pool rules on our website.

Why am I being asked to wear a face mask?

Why is the tearoom closed?

Do I need to pre-book?

Why are there fewer swimmers in the pool?

Why can’t I borrow equipment?

Why can’t under 16’s swim without an adult?

How long is a swim session?

Why aren’t showers available?

Why can’t I leave through the front door?

Will spectators be allowed poolside?

Will you be running lessons?

Can I book a pool party?

I paid for lessons or a pool party before lockdown – how can I get a refund?

If you have any other questions or concerns about returning to swim at Moseley Road Baths please email us at keepswimming@moseleyroadbaths.org.uk