Orchestra in the Shape of a Pear

A 45 min introduction to spectralist music with Orchestra in the Shape of a Pear

About this event

Come and Join! This event is FREE but you need a ticket!

Members of Orchestra in the Shape of a Pear will be running a participatory workshop to explore the ideas of French composer, Gérard Grisey, and the school of ‘spectralist’ composers working in Paris in the 1970s. Fun and free, bring a musical instrument if you have one or we will be happy to provide you with a way to make sounds with us – absolutely no experience necessary!


Spectralism is both an approach to building musical compositions and a set of techniques that stem from the use of computer analysis of sounds to uncover their ‘building blocks’. Far from a set of rules or theories, this way of making music feels very organic and is most concerned with creating big musical gestures that feel natural and human. The best way to see what it’s all about is to give it a go yourself.


This workshop will serve as a perfect taster to the music of the orchestra’s evening concert: Acoustic Reflections tinyurl.com/acoustic-reflections.

Dip your toes into the sound world of spectralism and have your ears opened to things to listen out for during the performance.



Date: Friday 10th September

Session timings: 6 – 6.45pm

  • It is 1 ticket per person (not family or household) although baby in arms do not need a ticket, everyone else will for covid restrictions.
  • You must have booked a ticket to enter the event.
  • We only have 30 spaces available, first come first served!
  • Numbers are limited so please cancel your place if you can no longer attend.
  • Please get in touch if you have any additional requirements on emily.butler@moseleyroadbaths.org.uk.


To help us with Covid by entering the space you agree with the following:

  • Please use the hand sanitiser on entry to the Baths
    • Please wear a mask until you are seated in the session in the Gala Pool ready for the session to start
    • Please keep some distance between yourself and others
    • If you are not feeling well, or think you have a cold, please stay at home
 Workshop: Introduction to spectralist music image
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