Drum’n’Bounce & Flow Yoga from 8th Sept

From 8th Sept to 13th Oct

Add a heap of energy, whip up some classic aerobic moves then marinade in some drum & bass and voila…you have the perfect session! We believe at drum n bounce & dubstretch that a good workout relies on banging tunes, so what could be better to keep you moving. Healthy highs a plenty.

A class designed to get you simultaneously sweating and smiling. If you’ve got an appetite to dance your way through basslines then we are the place for you. We’ve got eight different dance fitness routines, choreographed to custom made drum & bass mixes to keep you on your toes. The routines have low and high impact options so you can work within your fitness capabilities. The emphasis is on having fun and moving to the beat, getting the moves under your belt is a bonus which will come with time.