Womens sessions

Womens’ sessions are as detailed in the timetable:

– Be Active (free for all women living in Birmingham): Monday 1145 til 1230

– Women, girls and boys under 8 years old: Monday 1815 til 1915

– Women adults only: Tuesday 1830 til 1930.

Please wear a swimming hat during women only sessions. We have these for sale at the ticket office.

Due to high demand, tickets for women’s sessions can only be given to women who are physically present – not for friends etc. Tickets are not given out until 30 minutes before the session.

Female lifeguards: Please note we cannot guarantee a female lifeguard for any womens session, due to a shortage of female lifeguards. If you’re female and would like to train as one of our volunteer lifeguards, we’d love to have you! We can cover some or all of your training costs. Read more here.